Those looking to book a live actPlayers looking to join the agency pool
If you are looking to book a live act then you have come to the right place – KOLLECTIVITY aims to provide you with the right act at the right price. Please refer to our bookings page to see what is on offer.

We guarantee quality music whatever your musical requirements and are happy to discuss by whatever means ( phone, text, emails…) what it is you are looking for. Perhaps you need our help in deciding what live music is most suitable for a particular occasion. Get in touch and we’d be more than happy to discuss it with you as live music is our passion. And as our slogan suggests, we are on the pulse.

This is an agency run by musicians with a breadth of experience in the industry.
If you are a player then you should consider joining our pool. Our aim is twofold:
To find you work: most likely in the form of bookings with our acts. Our flagship act is DGKOLLECTIVE (DGK) – a modern ensemble comprising rhythm section, horns and more. However, there are smaller scale opportunities too – from duo to small big band. Once you are in the pool, you will be notified of forthcoming rehearsals and opportunities at all levels.
To invite you to join our rehearsals: players at all levels beyond BEGINNER are welcome to join our rehearsals wherever and whenever they may be. This is particularly true regarding DGK rehearsals – with good planning, it is possible to accommodate players with different perspectives and requirements whilst ensuring the business end is also taken care of.

Once you are signed up to KOLLECTIVITY, you will be notified of all forthcoming rehearsals and opportunities via our regular mailer. The principle we operate on is: the more rehearsals you attend, the more you are prioritised when it comes to said opportunities. Provided you are of a good enough standard!

For more details of the terms, please refer to the appropriate page