DGKollective (DGK) is a 17 piece big with the potential to add more players and instruments as befits the occasion. It was founded in 2013 with regular rehearsals since 2014. We are looking for players of grade 6 standard and upwards (or equivalent standard) to join our fortnightly rehearsals from our base in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. You will work on a variety of programmes to give the ensemble a lot of flexibility when it comes to meetings bookings requirements and our own in-house concert promotions. As well as maintaining an existing repertoire, our next exciting step is to work on a programme of 60’s – 70’s library music for a series of intended concerts in 2022+

There is a subscription fee that helps to cover overheads and ensures the contined support of core professional player/teachers who attend the rehearsals. Said fee allows you to join our rehearsals, gain access to support materials on site at www.bandskool.com and the offer of discounted instrument lessons from said teachers. Furthermore, you will be taking part in professional concerts for which there are renumerative rewards.

The subscription fees are: £50 per 6 rehearsals; or £84 per 12 rehearsals which roughly equates to 2 rehearsals per month. This needs to be paid in advance via BACS transfer

Please contact us for more information at info@kollectivity.com